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IWL Women's Leadership Virtual Conference
June 23-24, 2021

RISE Up, RISE Together!


With the theme of "RISE," the sky was the limit for the 2021 IWL Women's Leadership Conference! It was bigger, better, and perfect for RISING above the challenges that hold so many women and other marginalized communities down.


Like the phoenix, we decided to RISE from the ashes of 2020 stronger and more determined. In June 2021, women and male allies from across the globe came together to reverse the trends, change the discourse, and renew the pursuit of equal opportunities—for ALL women, now and in generations to come.

Get an inside look at what makes this one-of-a-kind event so special for accelerating the advancement of women.

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The Main Stage: 

Virtual still delivers BIG names, from the BIG stage, straight to your computer screen. 

The conference opened with a powerful story of personal triumph over tragedy.

We ended with honest, hard-hitting advice helping leaders and organizations overcome unconscious bias.



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Christina Meredith

Youth Advocate

U.S. Army Officer

Author of CinderGirl: My Journey Out of Ashes to a Life of Hope

Liv Boeree

Professional Poker Champion


TV Personality


Risha Grant

Bold & Edgy Bias Expert

Author of That's BS! How Bias Synapse Disrupts Inclusive Cultures & the Power to Attract Diverse Markets

RISE and Let Your Light Shine!

A Woman in a Man’s World?

Get Rid of the BS


The Dynamic Duo Was Back! 

Our game-changing, history-making female co-emcees returned!


Think of them like our very own Tina Fey and Amy Poehler—witty, powerful women owning center stage unafraid of the spotlight. 

Joy and Kelley had participants laughing, learning, and making the commitment to RISE! 

Joy Fitzgerald

Senior Vice President

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

UnitedHealth Group

Kelley Gay

Vice President

Enterprise Marketing & Communications



Christopher Guest

Head of Inclusion,

Diversity & Equity

AWS Professional Services

A.J. Hubbard

Global Executive Director,

Inclusion & Diversity

GE Appliances, a Haier Company

Look up “male allies” in the dictionary and you might find pictures of these two incredible men. They know how to amplify voices, show support, and provide opportunities so everyone can RISE.

Download their quick tips for more inclusive leadership.

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Our courageous guests shared their personal and unique journeys battling bias in the workplace. Their stories went beyond gender to include ethnicity, race, and orientation bias. Their allies spoke too. Allyship and advocacy as a way for understanding and overcoming perceived limitations was on full display. Participants reflected on how they can help colleagues by recognizing and highlighting their unique strengths and perspectives that may be overlooked or undervalued. The session featured stories that inspired viewers to use their voice and privilege to amplify the talent all around them. Leaders walked away prepared to make room and space for employees to show up as their best, authentic selves. When we RISE together, we are better.

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IWL is known for these beyond-talk-to-tactics, rich conversations. 

Xiao Wang

Lead Global IT Consultant

Roche Diagnostics

Candy Gee

Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Roche Diagnostics

Jasmine O'Conner

Off-Highway Marketing Communications Specialist–Senior


Ian Kohen

EBU Vocational Segment Leader & Account Executive


Diya K. Wynn (moderator)

Senior Practice Manager, Emerging Technologies & Intelligent Platforms

Amazon Web Services

Power Hour.png

We soared among the stories of Women Who RISE!

Four impressive female powerhouses shared their stories of RISE. Success takes hard work, skill, determination, and often overcoming obstacles. Most leaders suggest you sprinkle in strong relationships, humor, luck, and a little bit of humility too! Strong leaders power through tough times and pave a path for change in their own lives as well as others. Power Hour featured fabulous women who have busted through ceilings and written their own success stories. Attendees gained candid leadership advice during this uplifting segment.

Sadiqa Reynolds

President & CEO

Louisville Urban League

Beth Clary Schwier


Beth Clary Schwier Fine Art

JoAn Scott

Managing Director of Men's Basketball


Bonnie St. John

First African-American Olympic Ski Medalist 


Blue Circle Leadership Institute

Kim Graham Lee (Moderator)


Integrating Women Leaders


Breakout Sessions: 

More Breakout Sessions with Extended Post-Conference Access


We offered MORE breakout sessions than ever!


IWL's conference makes every available breakout on demand for 30 days after the event! What other similar conference gives you the chance to attend EVERY breakout session on your own schedule?!

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Leslie Bowles

Senior Director of Philanthropy & Community Engagement

Women’s Fund of Central Indiana

Crystal Mehta

State Director of Psychiatry

Indiana Department of Corrections

Charisse Fontes

Human & Founder

Culture Circle

Jon'a Joiner

Leadership Strategist

Equity & Wellness Champion

Founder - Drink First Then Pour®

JFJ Consulting Group

RISE in the Midst of a Storm: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic for Maintaining Your Inner Peace

The Truth About a "Seat" at the Table

Drink First Then Pour®: Inclusion's Role in Reducing Burnout

Nikhil Paul

Leadership Team Coach & Founder

We R Human

Marcellus Robinson

Senior Commercial Negotiation Consultant

The Gap Partnership

Seema Sheth

Vice President - Relationship Strategist

PNC Wealth Management

Hope Zoeller

Founder & President


The Art of Leading with Empathy, Remotely

Negotiating Your Value in the Workplace

Financial Fortitude: Learning to Live in Balance With Your Pocketbook

GROW to RISE: How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Chelsea Jennings

Organization Effectiveness Principal

Humana Inc.

Elizabeth Strehl

Director, Retail Strategy Advancement

Humana Inc.

Lisa Zangari

Vice President

Louisville Leadership Center

Allyship With Women of Color and Other Underrepresented Groups

Find Your Voice and Kick Some Glass

Kristin Bloink

Vice President, Global Research & Exploratory Development

Chair, Elanco Foundation

Elanco Animal Health

Mukta Arora

Managing Director, Elanco Innovation & Alliance Centre, India

Elanco Animal Health

Almut Hoffmann

Senior Director, Farm Animal Transformation

Board of Directors, Elanco Foundation

Elanco Animal Health

Adrianne K. Kemp

Senior Sales Representative

Elanco Animal Health

Felicia Nguyen

Filling Team Lead, Vaccines Manufacturing Network

Elanco Animal Health

In the Middle of the Maelstrom:

Female Leaders From Indy to India Discuss Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Finding Balance During a Global Pandemic

Males Allies Badge.png

Brian Boche

Partner Enablement Manager

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Dan Byrne

Senior Director Field Reimbursement

Eli Lilly & Company

Big Tech to Big Pharma: Male Allyship on the RISE

Russell Cox

President & CEO

Norton Healthcare

Dustin Hall

Brand-Integration Director, Emerging Brands


Christopher Johnson

Director, Inclusion & Diversity Humana

Kim Graham Lee (moderator)


Integrating Women Leaders

Continuing the Male Allyship Conversation…4 Years Later

Jeffery Tobias Halter

President of YWomen

Gender Strategist

Author of Why Women

Darleen "Coach Dar" Santore

Board Certified Occupational Therapist

Business Executive

Author & Speaker

Why Women — The Leadership Imperative

(by invitation only)

Leadership and the Hidden Epidemic

(by invitation only)

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Corporate Partners: 

RISE to Become a Corporate Partner Today!


The events of 2020 impacted everyone but women were hit especially hard. A decade of progress in moving the needle on gender equality was erased and female talent is leaving the workforce at alarming rates. Yet a bright spotlight now shines on women leaders recognizing them for the strengths they bring—especially critical during times of crisis.

IWL exists to help women leaders RISE in their organizations. Join us in partnership as we build upon our signature annual conference and deliver a full year of impactful programming in 2021 designed to help us all RISE—as women leaders and allies—at home, in our workplaces, and in our world.

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A Huge Thanks to Our 2021 Corporate Partners

Your Support Helps Us RISE

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