Our Mission

Integrating Women Leaders Foundation (IWL) is a 501c3 that accelerates the advancement of all women to drive individual and organizational growth and impact.


A team of experienced leaders who have been on the frontlines experiencing firsthand what it takes to rise above gender issues.


As partners in talent development, we help women, men and their organizations make meaningful steps toward creating a workplace of respect. We do this through perspective changing experiences including conferences, workshops, and individualized programs.


Professionals who want to invest in themselves and corporations who want to make diversity and inclusion a priority.

IWL envisions a community that inspires and empowers authentic, inclusive leadership in high-performing organizations and the personal development of women. 

Our authentic and passionate team acts as a resource for individual leaders and organizations that share our mission to tackle very real gender issues with optimism and proven strategies that work.

Our work is twofold. We are a resource for organizations and the individual woman. We also believe men are a critical part of the solution to gender equality and invite them to be a part of our work.

Driven by research, our work compliments a company’s HR, Diversity & Inclusion and professional development efforts. Studies show that women in leadership lead to an improved bottom line, yet the numbers show few women in leadership roles.

We equip women with the tools to connect and grow to realize their own limitless potential. IWL Foundation develops existing strengths rather than weaknesses. Women do not need to be “fixed”. They are strong, dynamic and inspiring leaders. Our role is to develop the potential that is already in every woman.

Focusing on large-scale change, we work to engage women and men in critical discussions and learning opportunities that will drive action and create advantage for women in leadership. We need more women in these roles. We exist to make it happen.