The 2022 study is now closed. Results will be shared on June 9 at the IWL Women's Leadership Conference.

Dictionary.com named "allyship" the word of the year in 2021! Understanding what allyship is and living it is foundational to establishing equitable workplaces for women and other marginalized or underrepresented groups in organizations today.

About The Research Study

IWL has conceived and created the Allyship-In-Action Study and teamed up with the Women Business Collaborative (WBC) headquartered in Washington, DC to administer it. This is the first nationally-focused study to measure the perceived practice of allyship to women in Corporate America today – from mid-size companies to Fortune 500 –and will serve as a baseline measurement for comparison in subsequent years. 

The primary focus of the 2022 benchmark is allyship towards women in general with a plan to expand the focus in subsequent years to measure allyship towards other marginalized/ underrepresented groups in greater depth.

Study Timing

State of
Allyship-In-Action Benchmark Study

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The first nationally-focused study to measure the perceived practice of allyship to women in Corporate America today.

Both companies and individuals are encouraged to take the survey.

  • The study will be open March 8, 2022 (International Women’s Day) to April 10, 2022. 

Would You Like a Custom Report of Your Company's Survey Results?

Are you a company where diversity, equity, and inclusion is a priority and you have 250+ employees? Then we encourage your company to take this study. Please share this with all of your employees and avoid promoting it only through ERGs or groups focused on allyship or mentoring to women in order to avoid sample bias.

For participating companies who secure a minimum of 100 sample responses (50+ from men and 50+ from women), IWL will: 1) provide a complimentary admission to the 2022 Women’s Leadership Conference on June 8 & 9, to be used as desired ($429 value), and 2) offer a complimentary company-specific report for comparison of company results to the overall study.

In order to receive your complimentary company-specific report, please encourage your employees to fill in the "company" field in the survey and/or to use the designated code your company was given by IWL to you before administering the survey.

Here are key resources for you to use to administer the study within your organization:

About Women Business Collaborative

The Women Business Collaborative (WBC) is an unprecedented alliance of 60+ women’s business organizations and hundreds of business leaders building a movement to achieve Equal Position, Pay, and Power for All Women in Business. Through collaboration, advocacy, action, and accountability, we mobilize thousands of diverse professional women and men, business organizations, public and private companies to accelerate change.

To propel women forward, WBC has united more than 60+ leading women’s organizations, activating our vast network to attain immediate and long-term results around nine essential action initiatives – more women CEOs, in the C-Suite and on Boards; a demand for gender and pay parity; increasing capital for women entrepreneurs; driving more women as controllers of capital allocation; parity for women in underrepresented business sectors such as technology; and leveraging learning and development to drive pipeline promotions. Interwoven across every initiative is our call for inclusivity, diversity and equality for all women, including women of color and the LGBQTIA+ communities.

Our movement and network, spearheaded by our Partners, Advisory and Leadership Councils, reaches over 1 million business organizations and leaders across the United States and globally. WBC is committed to diversity – our Councils and Board of Directors include more than 30 percent people of color. The power of combining the collaborative approach with our movement is already creating momentum and accelerating the pace of change for businesswomen.

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