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IWL November

Next Steps Workshops

IWL's October fall conference was just the beginning.

November is for taking the next step!


Every aha moment. Each spark of inspiration. All the actionable items. IWL's fall conference helped nearly 1,500 women and male allies from across the globe learn to "Be the Change." But the conference is more than a moment. It is part of a movement to advance women leaders. To maintain that momentum, it is time to take the next step. 

We are bringing back two of our all-time most popular presenters to share additional ways we can "Be the Change." Their messages of how to care for ourselves and support others will carry you into the next year as an ally, advocate, and agent of change. Join Fawn Germer and Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow for powerful messages perfect for this important time.

Tuesday, November 10 | Thursday, November 19

2-3 pm eastern

Fawn Germer

Work-Life Balance Expert

Pulizer Prize Nominee

Best-Selling Author of

Hard-Won Wisdom

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Let's Do A Sanity Check

This year has pushed us to the brink. We've been living with COVID for eight months and, OMG, the election. Everyone is on edge—strangers are losing it with strangers, some of our friends are letting us down, and some of us are realizing that we're getting a little, shall we say, short. Let's touch base and come up with some strategies for dealing with chaos without losing our ever-loving minds. 


$15.00 (serves as donation in support of IWL)



Associate Faculty Chair

Clinical Assistant Professor of Management & Business Law

Kelley School of Business 

Indiana University


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Let's Talk Sistahood: How to be an Ally to Women of Color

It is heartening to see women of different races and ethnicities commit to gender equality. However, in the quest of “advancing women,” it is equally important to understand the unique challenges women of color face within the workplace. When women are not allies, they perpetuate the injustice that created the hardship so many women live with today and normalize what should be intolerable. Although such relationships may be difficult to develop, women of color and white women can create shared "sistahood" that builds strong and mutual alliances. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the importance and distinction of “things shared; things not shared”

  • Learn when shared "sistahood" does occur and what it looks like for women on a daily basis

  • Discover how to create and maintain supportive professional relationships and inclusive workplace environments that advance shared "sistahood"

$15.00 (serves as donation in support of IWL)