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Our History

In early 2010, Jennifer Browning Holmes founded Integrating Woman Leaders, Inc., a management consulting firm focused on the development of women leaders. Two years later she received 501(c)3 approval to form the IWL Foundation. Today, the IWL Foundation is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the workplace. The foundation works closely with corporations committed to their HR Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Over the past ten years 8,000 women and men have attended the annual IWL Women's Leadership Conferences and IWL programs.

Today, Jennifer possesses 28 years of diverse healthcare management and board of director experience in both the private and non-profit sectors. Most recently, she joined HeartFlow as Vice President of National Accounts. Formerly, she served as the board chair and chief executive officer of Central Logic, a leading healthcare IT SaaS technology company located in South Jordan, Utah. She led the company through a Series C-round of growth financing raising $7.9M. During her tenure, she grew the company's revenue by 117% while growing annual recurring revenues by 36%.

Jennifer Browning Holmes
Founder, IWL Foundation

2010: Jennifer Browning Holmes founds Integrating Woman Leaders, Inc. in 2010 out of a passion for mentoring and supporting women. Early on in her career in the healthcare industry, she found herself the only woman in a room of 79 men. It was clear to her that as she moved up the ranks in her career, the less and less development she received. When Jennifer’s job was eliminated in 2010 she had already begun planning for IWL. She took a huge leap of faith and went to work starting her own business dedicated to the advancement of women. She and her team pulled off the inaugural IWL Women’s Leadership Conference in just 4 months, And IWL was born.

Initially, IWL was formed as a management consulting firm focused on implementing valuable women’s initiatives that are aligned to a company’s succession planning process. So often development initiatives are well intentioned yet they fail to address the real issues that women face in their corporate roles. IWL was determined to align diversity and inclusion efforts to improve the bottom line of a company’s performance.

What originally started off as a marketing effort for IWL’s other services, the Women’s Leadership Conference (the first of its kind in the State of Indiana) took on a life of it’s own. Large local sponsors saw a huge value and the need for the conference as an extension of their internal offerings, individual women walked away with life-changing stories and the IWL advisory board grew to involve over 20 top-notch local leaders, all of whom grew dedicated to the IWL mission.

2010 - 2014: With this foundation of support, over the next five years, we saw IWL’s success through the growth of the conference, the sophistication of its brand and the quality of its programs. 

2014: By this time, the conference model was profitable and achieved its first sell out at 550 attendees. IWL’s reputation was becoming that of a well-respected and reliable resource for individual women and corporate leaders in their diversity efforts.


January 2015: IWL split into two separate entities. The management consulting side still existed to support organizations in their women’s initiatives, succession planning, recruitment and retention efforts. The conference and programs became a part of the newly formed, Integrating Women Leaders Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Why the split? IWL’s mission is educational in nature and by becoming a nonprofit organization it could carry out that mission much more broadly. We had the opportunity of greater financial support from our sponsors and it opened the doors for us to expand the organization beyond Indiana.

May 2015: IWL Foundation hosted the inaugural Women’s Leadership Conference in Louisville, Kentucky with 250 people in attendance. 2015 was a building year for IWL Foundation. It was the best financial year in IWL history. It was also the first full year of the quarterly IWL Foundation Networking events series.


The IWL advisory board transitioned to act as the IWL Foundation Board of Directors, shifting their focus from conference planning details to big picture organizational planning. With this structure in place, the Board created a

vision and strategy for IWL Foundation to continue to grow, and the seed that Jennifer planted has continued to impact thousands of women in Indiana and Kentucky since.

2018: This year was pivotal for IWL Foundation, with the unveiling of an expanded mission and vision, a new brand, and investment in members of the IWL staff and extended team. IWL has evolved from being focused primarily on the individual woman to recognizing that the most impact will be made at the organizational level - and with the involvement of men. 

2019: IWL turns 10! This year we celebrating IWL's 10th anniversary in Indianapolis and 5th anniversary in Louisville. In September, 1,100 women and men gathered in Indianapolis for Uniting Our Power to discover that coming together gives us the ability to expand our thinking, our perspective and ultimately our impact.  

No one could have predicted what would unfold on the national and global stage the past couple of years in regard to women in the workplace. We know that now, more than ever, is the time to move the needle for women, and we are working to meet the needs of our communities as a resource for organizations and individuals who want to accelerate the advancement of women. 

2020 be the change2.png

2020 signifies an important milestone in this century and an opportunity for reflection and new beginnings. Mother Teresa said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” What are we doing as individuals to listen, learn, be mindful, and shift our own perspective to leave a positive legacy in our community? How are we being intentional as organizations about the impact we are facilitating within this ever-changing world?

IWL is a catalyst for change, bringing together leaders from different companies, backgrounds, races, genders and perspectives to accelerate the advancement of women. This year, IWL is focused on how we can "BE the Change” - as individuals, as allies, and as a workplace. Join us for our conferences and other events throughout the year for a powerful year of growth, inspiration and connections.

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