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2022 IWL Women's Leadership Virtual Conference


June 8-9, 2022 / Networking week of 6/13


IWL Conference "lucky 13" – inspired women and our male allies to REACH within to unlock their full potential by fueling confidence to lead boldly. Messages and advice from well-known keynotes and Learning Track experts challenged attendees to REACH out as mentors and allies to all women. For only when we invest in ourselves and our organizations can we REACH together for gender equity, encouraging women to show up as their authentic selves and allow organizations to leverage their full talent bench.

And in 2022, we brought back in-person networking in Indianapolis and Louisville which sandwiched a new event, virtual networking and a post-conference Q&A with several of our Learning Track speakers in Communication, Finance and Leadership.

2021 Fall Women's Leadership Virtual Conference

Rise Up, RISE Together!

June 23-24, 2021


With the theme of "RISE," the sky was the limit for the 2021 IWL Women's Leadership Conference! It was bigger, better, and perfect for RISING above the challenges that hold so many women and other marginalized communities down.


Like the phoenix, we decided to RISE from the ashes of 2020 stronger and more determined. In June 2021, women and male allies from across the globe came together to reverse the trends, change the discourse, and renew the pursuit of equal opportunities—for ALL women, now and in generations to come.

2020 Fall Women's Leadership Virtual Conference

Be The Change

October 6-7, 2020


​The events of 2020 disproportionately affected women and set back recent gains in gender equality. For IWL, that meant our "why" mattered more than ever. When the world was forced to take a step back, we stepped forward. Our bold  virtual pivot created the biggest event in IWL's history. The conference empowered women and men from around the globe with inspiration and strategies to accelerate the advancement of women fulfilling a prophecy in 2018 of "We're going global, baby!" 

2020 Louisville

Be The Change

March 10, 2020


IWL asked two questions at the start of 2020:

  • What are we doing to leave a positive legacy? 

  • How are we being intentional about our impact in this ever-changing world?

IWL convened its largest Louisville conference to answer these important questions, not through words, but with action. The event brought together leaders from different companies, backgrounds, races, genders, and perspectives to accelerate the advancement of women. 

2019 Indianapolis

Uniting Our Power

September 16, 2019


This IWL conference was focused on how we can unite the power of the many who show up, speak up, and stand tall to advance the inclusion conversation in our companies, our homes, and in our communities. Over 1,200 women and men gathered in Indianapolis to celebrate IWL's 10th annual women's leadership conference and Uniting Our Power.  

2019 Louisville

Your Voice. Your Power. Your Time.

April 25, 2019


At IWL, we know that men are an integral partner in achieving an equitable future. In April of 2019, hundreds of women and men came together in Louisville to learn and grow. Together, our voices are magnified, our power multiplied, and our time momentous. Here we learned the skills necessary to have courageous conversations, reclaim our voices, and be a tenacious ally for all women.  

2018 Indianapolis

Now is the Time

August 28, 2018


On August 28, a sold-out group of nearly 1,200 women and men came together at the Indianapolis JW Marriott for a powerful day of learning, connecting, and inspiration. Attendees learned the importance of being your true self, that women aren't seen or heard in media, and the power of asking questions—just to name a few key topics—and walked away knowing that #NowIsTheTime to take the future into their own hands. 

2018 Louisville

Better. Together.

April 11, 2018


On April 11, 400+ women and men came together to become #BetterTogether during a powerful day at the IWL Women's Leadership Conference in Louisville. Attendees heard stories of optimism, relentless positivity, and courage—just to name a few—and walked away shining their lights brighter than ever.

2017 Indianapolis

From Inspiration to Impact

August 31, 2017


This year's conference was a powerful day for attendees to come together to take their personal and professional lives #FromInspirationToImpact. Speakers, sponsors, and attendees had the time and space to connect, network and inspire one another throughout the day, and they left with new tools to take back to their workplace and their lives. Watch the full recap video to relive the day!

2017 Louisville

I Got This!

April 20, 2017


We can use self-talk to tell ourselves we have the confidence to make our dreams a reality and tell others we can handle what is given to us. At this year’s conference, we challenged you to ask yourself: what do you feel when you say “I Got This” – is it confidence, control, certainty, boldness, power, or something else entirely? At times, you will need an internal pep talk with yourself to overcome the objections and/or obstacles in your path. When you left the 2017 IWL Conference, you had the toolkit to take control of your future and let the world know – I Got This!

2016 Indianapolis

Readiness. Resilience. Results.

August 23, 2016

The IWL Women’s Leadership Conference is an experience. It is designed to address the needs of every individual – at any level of leadership to help you build new skills, open your mind to different perspectives and make lasting connections. This conference is unlike others you have attended, because it is about you. You walk away with something tangible, something real, to take back to your life – personal or professional – to make you a better version of yourself.

2016 Louisville

Readiness. Resilience. Results.

March 24, 2016

The Louisville 2016 IWL Conference brought together local leaders and sponsoring companies to address the steps necessary for advancing women as leaders and producing significant results that improve lives, businesses, and communities. 

2015 Indianapolis

Brand You

September 1, 2015

The Brand You conference helped participants gain clarity about their authentic brand, looking past what they have or what they do and digging deeper to the passion and purpose that drives them. A strong personal brand commands greater opportunities and uncovers the legacy people have always wanted for themselves. When people don't manage their brand, someone else will. This was the chance to BRAND YOU.

2015 Louisville

Brand You

May 21, 2015

IWL was thrilled to expand the Women’s Leadership Conference to Louisville, Kentucky. The inaugural conference, featured innovative and targeted programming, and took place on May 21 at the Louisville Marriott Downtown.

2014 Indianapolis

Brand You

August 27, 2014

Your brand is your promise, a declaration, of what you want to come to mind when others think of you. Your brand is defined by how others perceive your values, beliefs and abilities. How well do your daily actions reflect the person you want to be? Discovering your personal brand helps you differentiate yourself and offers you a competitive advantage.

2013 Indianapolis

Brand You

September 24, 2013

Have you ever wondered how others see you? Have you ever tried to control the way others perceive you? If you answered yes to these questions, you may not have realized it, but you have already started to take command of your personal brand. We all consciously care about the way others view us, but most times we don't consider our own power in shaping the values, abilities and actions that others associate with us. At this IWL Conference, attendees learned to create a powerful and clear representation of what they stand for - their personal brand.

2012 Indianapolis

Brand You

October 2, 2012

This year's conference encouraged individuals to take their careers into their own hands. Our conference is designed to enhance professional leadership skills, improve communication and build stronger networks to achieve results.

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