2017 Louisville Conference Theme – I Got This!

IWL is excited to announce the theme for the 2017 Louisville Conference is – I Got This! We were inspired this summer watching the Rio Olympic games when we saw gold medal gymnast, Laurie Hernandez’s “self-talk” before her performances. In case you missed it, watch this video and notice her say – I Got This – right before she begins her routine. She became a crowd favorite at the summer games and her positive attitude provided us with an affirmation we can all stand behind.

Just like Laurie, we can all use this self-talk to tell ourselves we have the confidence to make our dreams a reality and tell others we can handle what is given to us. At this year’s IWL conference, we will challenge you to ask yourself: what do you feel when you say “I Got This” – is it confidence, control, certainty, boldness, power or something else entirely? This feeling – whatever it is for you – can become a personal affirmation that you make your own. At times, you can use an internal “pep talk” with yourself to overcome the objections or obstacles in your path. When you leave the 2017 IWL Conference, you will have a toolkit to take control of your future and let the world know – I Got This!

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