Because I’m Happy!!! The importance of workplace communication.

It doesn’t take much to notice that Pharrell’s “Happy” song exudes happiness, fun, and many smiles. Any time you hear the popular song, you can’t help but smile, wiggle in your seat, or just go full on in and start dancing and singing!

Wow… Could you just imagine what your workplace would be like if everyone bounced around on the “happy” bubble on a daily basis? How would this impact your mood?

How would this shift the tone of the office? Would you be extremely excited to get dressed, head out the door early, and be that employee who busts a move walking in the door each workday?

I’m going to dare to say, YES!!! Our mood can truly impact or be impacted by those around us. Whether it is at home, at work, or simply just out and about in our community. Our moods can be communicated through verbal or nonverbal communication. It’s extremely important to understand, that in any situation, especially ones in which our moods can be extremely impactful on others, that we check ourselves to ensure that we are communicating in a way in which others can respectfully and positively communicate with us.

Why is this important? Well, for one, when there is tension in the workplace, people begin to experience what I like to call “hermit syndrome!” You know… Where the drama outside of your office door or cubicle with two of your co-workers is so annoying and you would rather have nothing to do with it, so you stay ducked into your office, head down into your work and you only break for lunch, a quick potty break, or to grab copies off the machine in which you hurriedly walk back to your desk and “re-hermitize” yourself into a quiet, drama-free zone until 5 o’clock chimes.

With that example, what you have basically stated is this… “I enjoy being a hermit, I would prefer to be left alone, anything that will cause me stress is NOT going to engage me, and please keep it as far away from me as you can.”

No one wants to work in this type of environment, so we must make certain that we are communicating effectively, appropriately, and allowing others to engage in the conversation with us, which can cut down on the pressure and tension that could ensue from sheer “hermit” like avoidance.

Here are some ways in which you can bring “happy” into the workplace:

1. Make eye contact 2. Smile 3. Say good morning or hello 4. Instead of always sending an email, leave your desk and go and speak with that person directly – to stimulate 1:1 human contact, conversation, and communication

5. Say please 6. Say thank you

7. Share a funny story or quote at the beginning or the end of a staff meeting (with permission of course) 8. Practice mindfulness – meaning what message am I communicating to others about me (happy, mad, sad, angry, don’t care, etc.) 9. Listen to music that you enjoy throughout the workday that makes you “happy” (out of respect for others – use headphones or keep your radio turned down low) 10. Take a moment while your lunch is heating up or while waiting for copies to print to ask someone how their weekend was or if they have big plans for an upcoming holiday. (I mean, who doesn’t like to think about and share happy moments in their life with others)

Understanding that everyday is not going to be sunshine and butterflies, I challenge you to attempt to find something positive in each workday, and remember to be a “happy” communicator who is resisting the temptation to practice “hermitizing” in the workplace.

Make it a splendidly happy day!!

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