Dreams Really Do Come True!

This blog is in honor my late father, James E. Browning. His passion, vision, commitment and dream for Indianapolis were so admirable.

My father was so proud of our city and its possibilities.   He told me often that, “Indianapolis will be the Amateur Sports Capital of the World.”  Well, Dad this weekend, we were the NFL Pro Sports Capital of the World hosting our first ever Super Bowl.  

A few short weeks after my father’s death, Indianapolis was awarded the 2012 bid to host Super Bowl XLVI.   Dad: you are up there working your magic and orchestrated perfect weather to ensure this event was a huge success. If you were here, you would make sure the NFL Super Bowl Committee and the NFL consider our city again in the future.

I came across this quote that relates to the man and leader my father was in this community:

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

–  Robert Louis Stevenson

Indianapolis yesterday was nothing like it looked between 1975 and 1987. Hosting the Pan-American Games elevated our city but building the Hoosier Dome changed the sports landscape dramatically.  Add to that the Indianapolis Sports Center, the U.S. Gymnastics Center, the NCAA, the World Skating Academy, the Colts move, Lucas Oil Stadium, and other major sports developments.  Reflecting back on my father’s dreams for Indianapolis, I can see that Indianapolis today is a result of the seeds a group of amazing visionaries planted nearly forty years ago.  In addition, yesterday, we hosted our first Super Bowl with record warm weather, thousands of people attending from surrounding states, record attendance and amazing reviews.

For most of my life, I listened to my father’s inspiring words about his dreams for this city, his vision, passion and belief that one day, Indianapolis would be the “Amateur Sports Capital of the World”.  However, I believe the World learned just how special our city is this past week and our commitment to make it the best Super Bowl ever!  It was a proud day for those who worked tirelessly to ensure things would go perfectly.  Congratulations to the Super Bowl Committee, the volunteers, and the people of Indianapolis for a great event!

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