Gearing Up for Impactful 2015 Women’s Leadership Conferences!

Two weeks from today, IWL will be hosting its inaugural Women’s Leadership Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. This is such an exciting time for all of us at IWL for several reasons:

  1.  Conference days are the best days of the year – Everything we have been working on all year comes to life!

  2. The energy and excitement of those around us is an incredible and empowering feeling!

  3.  This conference is going to create the impact we envision for women.

But the purpose of this post is not to tell you why our team is excited about the conference but why YOU should be excited as well. Below, I’ve shared some thoughts from previous attendees and thoughts from our Louisville partners about what this conference means to them. 

 “What an awesome day! Last year’s conference was great, but today was exceptional! Keynotes were engaging and relevant, breakouts were interactive and productive, my staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and all agreed, time VERY well spent away from the office! THANK YOU IWL.” -Lisa Taylor, NAPA Balkamp

 “It was my first time attending the IWL Brand You Conference but it felt like I’ve known the women I met there for years. The keynote speakers were informative and fun. The breakout sessions were really great. As the founder of my own company, it was wonderful to interface with other senior level women and build relationships. Months after the conference ended, I am still regularly meeting with women I met there to continue to support and challenge each other to grow. I am definitely going back next year.” -Julia Winston, Brave Communications, LLC

 “I am excited about participating in Louisville’s first Integrating Woman Leaders Conference. It’s a great opportunity for us all to take stock of who we are, what we stand for, and how we can catalyze not only our own goals but those of so many other women and men. When I started my career there simply weren’t forums like this to convene and champion the value of women as leaders in the workplace. I look forward to developing new relationships and growing my connection with hundreds more leaders from across our region.” -Diane Bailey-Boulet, Humana

 “My experience working with Integrating Women’s Leaders has provided an amazing professional development opportunity. I am honored to be able to participate on the Planning Committee as Program Co-Chair helping bring this conference to Louisville. It has given me encouragement and inspiration to improve as a leader in our community, as I continue to apply valuable leadership lessons learned from Integrating Women’s Leaders in my position at Norton Healthcare. 

I am really looking forward to the IWL Brand You Women’s Leadership Conference, because I know we have an amazing lineup of speakers joining together to promote and encourage women leaders. I am excited to see business leaders throughout Louisville come together around different opportunities surrounding passion, purpose, mentoring, inclusion, and more. This is going to be a life changing day filled with opportunities for growth and I encourage business leaders throughout Louisville to join us!” -Ashley Brown, Norton Healthcare

Don’t miss your chance to attend the Louisville Conference on May 21 at the Louisville Downtown Marriott. Seats are limited and filling quickly so don’t waste any time! Register HERE.

Closer to Indianapolis? Early bird registration just opened at a discounted rate (available now through June 1). Register HERE.

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