Guest Blog: Photographing Integrating Woman Leaders 2013

I recently had the privilege of photographing Integrating Woman Leaders 2013, an inspiring conference bringing together women business leaders, speakers, and mentors from all around the country. The 2013 IWL Women’s Leadership conference consisted of various speakers and facilitators for breakout sessions that discussed the challenges women face—personally and professionally—in today’s workforce. Everything from business strategy, marketing, and social media, to finance and personal development was discussed. The BIG emphasis, though, was on personal branding—as in, “Brand You,” which included a makeover segment with Starla West International.

It’s more important than ever to realize the power of personal branding and how this can elevate nearly any company’s brand to a new level—whether you’re a one-person operation or a thousand employees strong.  Depending on your audience’s preferred channel—social media, email marketing, your web presence, and print collateral should all be considered and reflect your personal brand. Of course a strong, unified brand identity and headshot are critical. We all know your logo is important, as it represents your brand, but why a headshot? While your company logo represents your company, people are attracted to PEOPLE, and that means each one of us. They connect with faces more so than names, slogans, etc., and when they can connect a well-done headshot from LinkedIn, your website, or a magazine ad with who they’re meeting in-person, you’ve made that much more of a connection and impression.

Check out Integrating Woman Leaders on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube for great insights and inspiration, and follow them for next year’s conference. IWL Founder and President, Jennifer Holmes, tells me next year’s conference will be bigger than ever.

Contributed by: Josh Humble, Headshot Photographer

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