In Tough Economic Times, Why Are Leadership Training Budgets Cut?

While approximately 52% of women are entering today’s workforce, why are only 13.4% reaching the Executive and top corporate board positions? How did we lose almost 39% of our best, brightest, and most talented women leaders along their career paths?

Research indicates that leadership development and executive coaching for your top performing women leaders improves retention and performance, team cohesion and productivity, while also increasing corporate profits. Empirical data demonstrates that companies with greater gender diversity perform better financially. Specifically, companies with three or more women in top leadership positions experience higher returns on investment, better earnings, and greater stock price growth. Yes, financial investment in the professional development of your women leaders drives profits!

Are you seeking to retain your top female talent in today’s competitive global environment? Invest in executive coaching and leadership development for talented women leaders at all levels of your business and career stages. Executive coaching and development proactively improves successful navigation for women through the complex labyrinth of leadership and professional development.

High potential women leaders represent an untapped resource. Our consulting team of professionals, including a licensed psychologist, works closely with corporations to inspire promising women leaders to achieve professional and personal results with lasting effects. Our core professional competencies include strong one-to-one interpersonal interaction and problem solving, trust, empathy, insight, behavioral analysis, and cognitive changes. As an executive coaching team, we offer a trusting environment for women clients to have difficult conversations and gain immediate feedback.

So why are we having these same conversations years later? To take corporations Gender Diversity programs into the 21st Century leadership training and development is critical and should be a priority!

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