Jennifer Holmes is Speaking at the What Women Want Series, February 16, 2011

Achieving Work-Life Balance

This Wednesday, February 16th, I will be the Guest Speaker at Bingham McHale, Key4Women What Women Want Series. I will be discussing the importance of Achieving Work-Life Balance and will offer Seven Steps To Relieve Stress while achieving personal and professional balance. Come join us from 5:30-8:00pm at Stutz Downtown.

Funny, after 25 years in business I am now the so called “Expert”? I have to laugh at myself because over the years in Corporate America my efforts to Achieve Work-Life Balance was nothing short of tragic until a few years ago! As I climbed the corporate ladder, I never created ‘boundries’ and never said NO! My Blackberry and cell phone were constantly going off and the phone never stopped ringing. I believe achieving personal and professional balance in your life is a CHOICE! I will be talking about Achievement and Enjoyment while creating balance.

Women in the workforce are making challenging daily decisions when balancing work and family. Women who desire to move up the ranks sacrifice time with family and at times miss milestones in their children’s lives. Their commitment to continue to advance their careers is a CHOICE that should be embraced! We need more women at the top in C-Suites and in Executive Leadership positions. It is critical that corporations invest in their high potential women leaders.

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