Leadership Development: Why Are Corporations Not Developing Mid-Level Managers?

Each day, we have the opportunity to change the culture of our workplaces and communities. The world is changing daily as more women enter corporate America.  50% of today’s workplace is made up of women, 51% of Mid-Level Managers are women and that number will continue to rise as more women aspire to advance their careers.

What I find amazing is most corporations I have been speaking to don’t understand how critical it is to develop their Mid-Level Managers.  Most mistakes are made early on in people’s careers and many never recover from those mistakes.

A proactive leadership mind-set focused on the future women leaders will make a stronger and more profitable company.  Research shows that companies with the most women board of directors (WBD) outperform those with the least on ROS (Return on Sales) by 16%. The data is compelling that financial performance of companies with three or more women board members significantly outperforms those companies with zero women. (Catalyst 2011 The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation) Authors: Nancy Carter, Ph.D., and Harvey M Wagner, Ph.D.  Women leadership style and behaviors are different from men. Women styles of leadership are sometimes misunderstood or under appreciated.  This statement has years of research behind it. Corporations investing in their women leaders will pay dividends in the long run. Women are loyal by nature, and research shows when companies invest in them, they are highly productive leaders. Companies experience less turn-over, teams are more productive, and future women leaders emerge.

Today, corporations are demanding more from their employees and leadership skill-sets required to truly succeed is complicated. Rapidly growing companies are promoting people who have never managed before and if 51% are women, the investment in leadership development is critical.  High potential men and women leaders are being asked to take on more responsibility in the workplace.  Without offering any leadership development, those high potential leaders are not functioning at the level that enhances corporate productivity and profitability.   A great leader needs to have the skills sets and tools to be able to provide people development, communicate effectively to facilitate corporate strategic direction while motivating their teams.

Invest in your high potential women leaders! High potential women leaders….invest in yourself! Take responsibility to reach out for available resources by requesting support from your company to gain the tools needed to advance your career.

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