Leading Life Through Intuition

Have you ever regretted decisions made when listening to your TRUE intuition? Probably not! Making life choices using intuition can be challenging when your instinct of “self-protection” gets in the way of accessing intuitive information to move forward. If you seek intuitive information on a particular question or problem, you may want to start by exploring the full landscape of the situation. As I share with clients, the best advice a manager gave me over 20 years ago is to, “seek first to understand, and then be understood” as Steven Covey discusses in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Listening to your true intuition is a powerful tool when making life choices. When you really understand yourself, you know the facts of the situation or problem. Following your “GUT” rarely gets you into trouble.

I often ask myself, “Is there anything I need to be aware of right now?” If you are a business owner, a senior leader or a mid-Level manager of an organization, not asking yourself that question can lead to unnecessary challenges. Test yourself today, tomorrow or this week by asking the question and really listen to what your TRUE intuition is telling you. 9 out of 10 times your subconscious mind will fill in the blanks. Not asking that question can lead to situations that blindside you personally and/or professionally. If you begin by asking the question, you will come to understand that even the narrowest question is really broader than it seems. Here is an example: “Will I get the job I interviewed for today?” It seems simple. Yes or no would be the right answer, right? However, your attention may naturally go in a million directions before you really know the answer. Try asking yourself the question “Is there anything I need to be aware of RIGHT NOW?”

Attention and integrity go hand in hand with intuition. In order to use intuition as a tool, it is critical to be aware and pay attention to environmental forces that may negatively influence choices that compromise your integrity. Many of us have been in situations when we were not paying attention and the negative environment put our colleagues or us in a compromising position.

My life challenges, failures, successes and choices have taught me to lead with integrity and follow my intuition. Those two senses will NOT allow you to make the WRONG decision.

Two great books to read on this topic: How To Rule The World From Your Couch, by Laura Day and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven R. Covey.

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