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May’s Top 10 SharpHeels Articles

A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

May brought us margaritas on Cinco de Mayo, flowers for Mother’s Day and beautiful sunny skies. With one more month before summer is official, we’ve doubled down on success and leadership advice, so  take advantage of the slower pace that summer brings and find new inspiration.  We’ve spoken to 18 successful female leaders about their secret to success, the CEO of the largest advertising agency wholly owned by a women about launching her business 25 years ago by cahinc in her IRA for 16,000, and heard from one of our new contributors about a unique moment in her life… all dynamic stories sure to inspire you!

Top 10 SharpHeels Articles

1. Secret Habits of Success

We asked 18 well-known, highly successful women for their secrets to success.  “Play to my strengths: Figure out what I’m best at and do more of that, while finding others to join my team who are strong where I’m not.” -Kathryn Minshew…Read More.

2. When Failure Isn’t an Option

For a female entrepreneur seeking an inspiring role model, one doesn’t have to look further than Gay Gaddis, Founder and CEO of T3 (The Think Tank), the largest advertising agency independently owned by a woman in the United States.  Gaddis has become known as a vocal leader on entrepreneurship topics through her abundance of speaking engagements as the brand ambassador for T3, Chair for The Committee of 200, and contributor on….Read More

3. Clothes and Body Language

We all know that our clothing is important, especially in the work setting, but what may be unfamiliar is a clear sense of what our clothes are communicating — not only to others, but to ourselves.  Put simply, the language of clothes arises from their design elements, which are color, line, shape, fabric, and pattern, along with how these are artfully blended together. The latter is particularly important, because each element has its own innate message, and when combined, the mixed effect can be either more potent (good), or more jarring (bad)…Read More

4. Dressing Like the Stars

Anita Benner isn’t one to settle. By day, Benner is a premier account manager and music programmer at Mood Media, but by night she moonlights as a singer-songwriter and voice over artist.  When she’s not busy discovering new musicians and giving them a platform at Mood, which reaches more than 150 million people a day, she’s making her own music.  Her songs have been featured in over a dozen television shows and video games…Read More

5. Austin Fashion and Business

Although it is known as The Live Music Capital of the World, it is not just musicians who flock to Austin – the city also boasts rapidly growing technology start-ups, entrepreneurs and artists of all types.  One can feel the creative energy buzzing through the city.  Especially during SXSW Festival, Austin City Limits, and this past week with its annual Austin Fashion Week which featured local and international designers and even a special fashion show with six former Project Runway contestants – Korto Momolu, Jeffrey Sebelia, Melissa Fleis, Michelle Lesniak, Mychael Knight, and Austin’s own Daniel Esquive…Read More

6. Ten Energy Foods

Your body is running out of steam because it needs fuel. You control the energy boost with the quality of the fuel you feed the engine, and all energy sources are not created equal. Grabbing meals and snacks that contain essential fiber, protein, Omega-3s and other nutrients will give your body a boost without the crash of a quick caffeine or sugar rush. Next time you’re lagging a bit, try one of these super energy fuels instead, or better yet, eat them proactively to supply sustainable energy to get you through your high-pressured day… Read More

7. Save the Date

Jennifer Gilbert is the life of the party in the event planning industry, as President and Chief Visionary Officer of Save the Date® an award-winning event management company. Her name and that of the company, are known not only in their home turf, New York City, but also across the country as she plans events in Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago, to name a few.  Gilbert was a fledgling event planner in the 1990’s when the economy nose-dived and venues were in dire need of bookings, at the same time fewer clients were hiring event planners due to the costs… Read More

8. A Unique Moment in Life

Life is filled with Precious Memories.   Those are the moments when you look back on an event and say, “Wow, what a great moment that was.”  It might be something as simple as when you received an educational degree, where you had to really struggle to make it. There is one event in my life that helped me deeply understand that very few things in life are truly unreachable – if you have a vision, are willing to risk being laughed at, and are prepared for the consequences if you fail.  It happened to me in India in 1982… Read More

9. A Pheel for Fashion

For every woman who ever had a little girl dream of growing up and going into business with her best friend so that she could work with her and be by her side everyday, Lisa Lazarus and Lainie Goldstein of pheel are an inspirational pair of friends who made that dream come true.  Lazarus and Goldstein have been “best of friends” since they were teenagers and “always discussed a dream both shared about starting a business together that involved fashion.”  Read More

 10. Purpose & Authentic Leadership

What does it mean to be an “authentic leader?”  Authentic leaders are people of extraordinary integrity, with a profound sense of purpose and a willingness to live by their core values.  Over my 28-year career, I have been fortunate to have led teams and divisions of  Fortune 500 companies, and during that time, I have found my true purpose – my “WHY” as an authentic leader. However, I have also worked for and witnessed many leaders who don’t possess authentic leadership, and their styles are typically very reactionary, destructive, unproductive, and unsettling for those they lead… Read More

Contributed by: Ashley Poulin Editor-in-Chief

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