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From our 2013 Social Media Contest Winner and Butler University Senior, Megan Bos

The goal of every college senior is to get a job. It’s a long and stressful process, filled with countless people asking you the dreaded question “What are you doing after graduation?” This question is terrifyingly daunting, and as a senior at Butler University I’ve had my fair share of opportunities of trying to piece together an answer.

As a marketing major I have an interest in social media and how companies are using online marketing to build their brands. The IWL conference fit right into my niche of interest, and it was so interesting to learn more about how to build my personal brand (#IWLBrandYou) and how that could really help launch my career, especially as a young professional.

I was so fortunate to spend the day learning a little bit more on how my appearance, attitude, and online presence can positively help contribute to my professional career. This is an element of education that isn’t frequently discussed in the classroom, but it was incredibly valuable for me to learn early on.

I spend a lot of time admiring how brands are making their retail experience more innovative in order to engage consumers and build brand loyalty. The IWL conference introduced me to the fact that I can do this for myself by combining my online presence though Twitter (@meganbos1), Pinterest (@Meganbos3), Blogger (, and Linkedin (Megan Bos) in order to build my career by leveraging my interests and personal brand.

Following the conference, I really made an effort to apply the different lessons that I learned about being the CEO of my own brand. I did little things, like wearing sweat pants to class a little bit less often. But also substantially expanded my online presence in order to engage more followers and let employers know that I was knowledgeable on industry news.

I took a big step and added my Twitter and personal blog link at the bottom of my resume, and then proceeded to have about 5 professors tell me to take it off…but I decided to leave it there anyway. I was confident that my online presence, and the way that I choose to manage my personal brand because of the lessons I learned at the IWL conference would be a factor that would help set me apart in the hiring process.

The goal of every college senior is to get a job, and to be able to have a definite answer to that daunting question I mentioned above. I was fortunate to have my final interview prior to spring break, and my potential employer directly asked me, “I’ve never seen someone put their online information on their resume, why did you do that?”  As a result of the lessons I learned at the IWL conference I was able to adequately explain how I was able to use my social media accounts as an outlet for my interests and build my personal brand. I use my accounts to respond, comment, and share business news and articles that interest me.

My response, and my choice to have my online presence on my resume landed me that job. I can now answer, with confidence (and pride), exactly what I will be doing after graduation and I attribute a part of my success to the time I spent developing a positive and apparent personal brand for myself.

As a social media enthusiast, I was so stoked to get a call that I had won the social media contest and had been chosen as a winner to attend the IWL Conference last fall free of charge.  I am continually grateful for the learning opportunity that I had to spend the day with so many women from the Indianapolis community and the amount that I was able to learn about the importance of my personal brand. I can now confidently say that I am the CEO of me and my personal brand has a firm foundation to grow upon.

Contributed by: Megan Bos @MeganBos1

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