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From IWL Advisory Board Member and Strategic Partner, Thresette Briggs

My 20 plus year career has included multiple human resource leadership positions where I facilitated, trained and consulted with leaders and teams in global companies with over 40 sites, and up to10,000 employees. Using my voice was a big part of my work. I enjoyed speaking, had often been told I was a great speaker, and even won speaking awards.

Around 2007, it became increasingly difficult for me to breathe and talk at the same time.  My voice was hoarse and barely audible, and I didn’t even recognize it.  I was diagnosed with asthma, but it was certainly not under control. It took a lot of effort for me to speak before I ran out of breath. Then I began to lose my voice. It was so bad that more often than not, I chose to remain quiet to avoid embarrassment.  Only those closest to me knew my struggle. I’d been to the emergency room and put on steroids many times, as well as other medications, and went through so many throat lozenges that they became part of my daily routine. You can imagine that my confidence level took a big hit.

It was during one of my emergency room visits that I promised God that if He returned my voice I would use it with Impact, Intention and Influence, to honor Him and help leaders and teams transform. It was also around that time that I talked with a friend who suggested I check with an allergy specialist. The specialist discovered that I had many allergies that weren’t being treated, causing allergy –induced asthma that could be affecting the functioning of my vocal chords. So my treatment started with a trial of medicine that over the months was adjusted to fit my needs, and included speech therapy.

Over the next year my voice returned, and I kept the promise I made to God. I launched Performance 3, LLC, a management consulting firm that integrates 8 areas of organizational development to design and deliver facilitation & training and inspirational speaking services. I earned certifications as a professional speaker, coach and Development Dimensions International (DDI) facilitator to increase my credentials and ensure I could use my voice in the way I’d promised. My consulting firm received the opportunity to partner with organizations like the NCAA, Butler University, The Indiana Black Expo, Central Association for College and University Business Officers, Leadership Indianapolis, Defender Direct, Ball State University, The State of Indiana, and many others.

I’m also a published writer and been a featured radio guest performance expert on radio shows like Indy Small Biz, Speakers Publishers and Authors Association and Healing Your Hidden Hurts, LLC, as well as a guest blogger and webinar presenter for The American Society for Training and Development.  I’m engaged in serving my church and community in areas such as the Sunday Church School Ministry, in NAWBO Indianapolis as Chair of Student Recruitment for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), and a member of the Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., as Co-chair for the Leadership and Education Academy. I’ve received numerous honors and recognition in the community and in all of them I’ve been able to use my voice with Impact, Intention and Influence to fulfill my promise. By joining Integrating Woman Leaders, Inc. as a Conference Advisory Board Member and Strategic Partner I’ve had the opportunity to impact countless other women, who are striving to fulfill their individual leadership promises.

So I am thankful for nearly losing my voice, because the experience took me on a journey that began a transformation that allowed me to find my real voice…the one I’m using for the future.  I hope you’ll join me in finding yours.

Contributed by: Thresette Briggs, MBA, SPHR, CPS @Performance3

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