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“The Business of Being YOU”

Guest Blog

From 2014 IWL Conference Speaker, Allyson Spellman

What does success on your own terms mean to you?

I will tell you what that means to me: Success on my own terms means that I am using my voice, talents, gifts and full potential to authentically grow my business without settling for less or compromising my personal standards or quality family time.

It’s very important to define what success on your own terms means to you.

Let’s face it as women; we have a lot on our plates.  We have mile long to do lists, we feel responsible for everything and everyone and it is easy to lose ourselves in the mix.  We easily put our well being on the back burner and we begin to lose the connection to our authentic self.

We are busy ladies and when we are caught up in all our “busyness” it causes a break in intimacy.  I am talking about intimacy with yourself.  The relationship with yourself is the most valuable and important relationship you can ever have.  I always break intimacy down as “Into Me I See.”

Operating from a place of self-intimacy is where your dynamic power lies.  Why?  You can unleash the brilliance of your authentic self.  And that brilliance is expressed boldly in your personal and professional life because you know who you are, what you stand for, what makes you unique and what you really want.

You leverage something that is truly one-of- a kind and that is YOU.  I call this being “authentic self savvy” and being authentic self-savvy is vital because the most successful brands and businesses mirror the unique authenticity of their creators.

People often ask me what my process is like when I coach women.  I describe it like peeling off layers of an onion because we have all built some pretty thick layers of the years.  Once we pull off these thick layers, we get to the beautiful, raw core that lies underneath.  That core is your authentic self.

My work is not about creating a brand new you, but owning and embracing the true you that has always been there, allowing brand new possibilities and opportunities to happen.

Once you own your authentic self, you begin to play bigger, worry less, profit more, charge what you are worth and begin to feel genuine and comfortable promoting yourself.

The most important asset you have is YOU!  You should know yourself as well as all your products, services and business.

Get down to the business of being YOU first and the rest will follow. This first begins with honoring your authentic voice, which means getting to know who you really are (not the you that may look right, sound right or what others want you to be).

Contributed by: Allyson Spellman

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