The Importance of Collaborative Leadership

Over the years, I have shared with clients and teams that being a collaborative leader is a learned skill and behavior. Research shows that organizations that encourage a collaborative style of leadership are highly productive companies. Individuals develop collaborative leadership skills in environments that embrace differences of opinion when collaborating across their organization.

I found a relevant and interesting article posted on the Harvard Business Review Blog that supports the importance of collaboration.  Is “Command & Collaborate” the New Business Model? by Herminia Ibarra, Professor of Organizational Behavior and the Cora Chaired Professor of Leadership and Learning at Insead.  Ms. Ibarra discusses the pros and cons of adjusting the old “Command and Control” leadership style to one that embraces more collaboration.  Click here to view her post.

I am currently working on a fun project for a client who recently launched a strategic global initiative to become more collaborative. Their three business units work in “silos” and customers were not responding favorable to their old business model.  The client asked me how to train the entire global sales organization to be collaborative. My answer: “It starts at the top!” All internal and external communications must be aligned with your collaborative strategy.

Not only will a collaborative environment enhance team’s leadership style of behavior, but it will also improve organizational performance. More organizations in today’s economic environment are looking for new and innovative ways to grow their companies. Ask yourself, “Is our company’s culture collaborative? “ If not, how can you help to change it?

Organizations, teams, and individuals will grow when any organization successfully incorporates a collaborative environment.

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