The IWL Foundation Board asks themselves, “If I were an everyday object…”

What would I be?  

Our Board of Directors met last Saturday for a full day retreat. We all walked away aligned around a set of core values, positive action steps to move forward on, and we had fun getting to know each other even better!

During the retreat, we were asked to each reach into a bag of random items and choose an object that “speaks to you.” Then, we went around the room to share our answers to the question, “How does this object represent your role at IWL?”

I’d like to share our creative answers …

Jennifer Browning Holmes Item: happy face hammer

“When I saw this smiley face, the first thing I thought of was my happy place. For me, my happy place is at IWL. It also makes noise and is ‘all over place’ and so am I!”

Mary Jovanovich Item: thumb drive

Mary says, “a thumb drive is an item that contains an enormous amount of information within it. I think each of us brings to the table all of our strengths and gifts – it’s our internal data. You just have to plug it in and open it up to access the data from within and reflect on how much we all have to offer.”

Andrea Schwartz Item: pocket watch

“I choose the pocket watch as a representation of time.  We all have limited time to give every day, week, month year… lifetime.  Being involved with IWL and organizations driving diversity in leadership is a strategic investment of my time.  My hope is that by investing my time in this organization, we can leave a legacy of making a significant positive impact on people achieving their potential.”

Kristin Garvey Item: tic-tacs.

“I am one of many, but together we can make some noise [rattles box] and be a refreshing change to the status quo.”

Ellen Schmidt Item: stir stick penguin

 “This item shows the power of one to bring resources back to others to help them grow. It’s also fun to stir the pot and be together.”

Toya Pitts Item: lock and key

“As I think about the individuals we engage through our programs and efforts, I see limitless possibilities and potential. IWL assists these individuals un un-locking their gifts and potential.”

Scott Horrall Item: chewing gum

“IWL is like a refreshing piece of chewing gum that never loses its flavor… And we stick together!”

Karen Zwick Item: binder

“This binder signifies my role at IWL because I’m a very organized person. I brought my organization skills to the IWL Board and I’m the person that keeps us on track at our Board meetings.”

Cindy Felsten Item: toy car

“IWL helps women move forward by developing their potential leadership skills but does stop, back up and listen to what women would like to learn more about in order to continue to support and move forward.”

Tracy Williams Item: “minty things”

“The “minty things” as they are known in my house (aka Listerine breath strips), symbolized the fresh perspective that we all need to bring to IWL and ensure everyone’s input is welcome and valued.”

Mela Maggi Item: horseshoe

“The Horseshoe for me represents the importance of having shoes to enable me to accomplish/achieve my goals.  Shoes assist us to be able to be successful in our endeavors.”

Melissa Wagner Item: chords

“I chose these chords because I am ‘well connected’ and I plug into many different resources for IWL”

Maggie Anderson Item: ball

“I chose a ball because I juggle a lot of things in the air all at once in my role at IWL. I also pass the ball to other people to delegate and gather input… And I’m having a ‘ball!'”

Thanks for taking a few minutes of your day to get to know us a little bit better and understand why we are all involved with this incredible organization. It’s people like these Board members, volunteers and supporters that make our work so meaningful and successful.

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