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A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

As we move into fall, we are patiently waiting to celebrate the holidays and starting to indulge in pumpkin-spice everything, but in the meantime want to take this opportunity to recap our summer of female entrepreneurship.

These past few months have brought us tales of entrepreneurs from coast to coast, who not only inspired us to chase after our goals, but also gave us advice on how to conduct our professional lives. Whether it was the creative women of entertainment or the numerous career tips from our fabulous contributors, we keep them all in mind as we continue to grow and begin to prepare for the New Year!

Top 12 SharpHeels Articles

1.  The Woman Behind The Bands

Founder of Dead Room Living and successful artist manager, Carley Jennings, explained to us how “management is all about relationships.” From starting her own boutique artist management company before age 30, to taking care of her family, Jennings revealed how experience and networking are important aspects of being an entertainment professional. Read More

2. It Takes A Village

The female creators of CBS’s steamy new drama series, Reckless, gave us a look inside their inspiration for a show that empowers women… with a twist. The creators open up about their motives behind the unique setting of Charleston, S.C., snagging hip, gifted Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke for the pilot, and why it is important for “women to create the content women consume.” Read More

3. In Conversation With: Jenny Odegard

When someone says “lawyer” most people picture a stuffy old man who asks his secretary to hold his calls, but Jenny Odegard is a different kind of attorney. Based in New York City, Odegard started her own company to provide legal services to startups, small businesses, artists and freelancers. We got to know a little bit about her career, challenges, goals and how to “get it done.” Read More

4. Cities For Female Entrepreneurs

While the rate of female college graduates is growing exponentially, the number of female executives is not. That said, women are becoming more inclined to start their own businesses, which is why SharpHeels identified the top ten cities that aren’t just best for entrepreneurship, but for women too. We started off with Washington D.C. and made our way through Seattle, Portland, Denver and Austin, until we arrived in Boston. All of these cities offer the best in opportunity, culture, education and personality for the women who do it all. Read More

5. To Leave Or Not To Leave

Sometimes the hardest part about a job is knowing when to leave. SharpHeels identified the five signs that are telling you it’s time to find a new job. If you hate your boss, are always bored, feel stagnant, justify staying at your job and constantly suffer from migraines and irritability, it’s probably time to throw in the towel. However, saying goodbye to one employer means saying hello to another, so take the time to rev up your resume, research job openings, learn new skills and exit with a strategy. Read More

6. Inspirational Quotes By Women

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and again — sometimes it’s a cup of coffee, sometimes it’s a catnap with your feet up on your desk, but more often than not, just contemplating something inspiring can get us over the hump. These inspiring quotes from women—all of whom probably had days just like the one you are having now—will change the way you see today. Read More

7. Sharp Networking Tips

For some people, the hardest part about building a career is having the contacts to do so. Networking is the best way for any professional women to build her business or work her way up, which is why we were able to pick out the most important dos and don’ts of successful networking. Keep in mind that you are networking to build relationships, so it is important to create a strategy. Ask all of the right questions, use the web effectively, make a smooth, graceful impression, and then follow up — otherwise your time could very well be wasted. And since time is of the essence, don’t spend all your time with one person or put all your hopes on a possible new relationship. The key is to make networking a habit so when the time comes, you can make a series of the right connections. Read More

8. From The Chopping Block

The newest judge on The Food Network’s long running cooking show, Chopped, told us all about her life as a mother, wife and businesswoman. Maneet Chauhan opened up about her early passion for cooking as a child, learning the ropes of being a judge on Chopped, juggling businesswoman and mommy roles, and her next big move: opening a brand new Indian restaurant in Nashville, TN. The thirty-seven year old has found inspiration for cooking in everything and everyone. Whether it’s advice from her co-judges or the support she gets from her family, it all goes into creating new and interesting dishes, because in the end “it all comes down to the food.” Read More

9. The Best Mistake You Can Make

Sometimes that dream job we pictured in our heads isn’t all it was cracked up to be. But it doesn’t mean it’s time for a freak-out, it just means it might be time to change career paths. Realizing what you don’t like — and moving on to what you do — doesn’t have to be seen as a waste of time, but rather as an extremely beneficial mistake. Sifting out all the bad jobs can help guide you to your perfect career that improves your health, pays well and, most importantly, allows you to find your calling. Read More

10. In Conversation with Scentbird’s Mariya Nurislamova

Mariya Nurislamova is the very youthful, Russian-born CEO and co-founder of Scentbird – a revolutionary, “try-before-you-buy” service for perfume. Mariya’s mingled interest about both the effect of smells on mood and technology (she has a degree in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Marketing) makes her the obvious founder for this 21st century blend of eCommerce and the ancient science of scents. In fact, her devotion to this realm goes further: she would rather use aromatherapy than swallow pills for healing. Read More

11. Dressing For An Interview

Wondering what to wear to an interview? The type of company, industry and even city can all impact the proper attire for an interview. When in doubt, you should overdress, but you don’t always have to wear the classic suit for an interview. SharpHeels put together some classic suits with a modern and refreshed look, and some mix and match options that are a great alternative to a suit. Read More

12. Put The Coffee Down

For every woman that needs her morning coffee before she can function, it is time to kick your coffee sidekick to the curb and try some new techniques that will still help satisfy your morning needs. Whether it’s getting inspired with an uplifting quote, moving with music or short rounds of exercise, simple morning pick-me-ups can become your healthy alternative to early morning coffee jitters. Read More

Contributed by: Ashley Poulin Editor-in-Chief

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