Top 12 SharpHeels Articles

A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Spring has brought us rain showers, earth day and an abundance of amazing articles.  We’ve spoken to the Chief of Programming at PBS, the Costume Designer for House of Cards, and the CEO of Dress for success… all dynamic women sure to inspire you!

Top 12 SharpHeels Articles

1. Reinventing DC Style House of Card’s Claire Underwood is television’s best-dressed leading lady. Her wardrobe symbolizes the respect she demands among the D.C. elite. Even in monotone colors, her femininity is shown through her tailoring and hemlines. House of Card’s costume designer, Johanna Argan shares some of her inside knowledge on dressing HoC’s cast and how to nail Claire’s look.

2. Dressing Like the Stars 4 Erica Cauterucci, a hospital equipment rep, has learned from her past fashion mistakes. From wearing blazers two sizes too big, she now wears iconic sheath dresses and heels. It’s no wonder her fashion icon is Kate Middleton who is always in perfectly tailored dresses and coats. Cauterucci also lists Julia Louis-Dreyfus and some strong female characters from The Good Wife and Mad Men. She understands you must look good and feel good.

3. Best Flight Booking Sites Almost everyone is utilizing travel booking websites to help plan business travel. We know that female business travelers have their own requirements when it comes to choosing a business hotel. That’s why we’ve asked frequent business travelers for their input on what websites are the best for finding the right business hotel, and we put together this list.

4. Worst Airports for Layovers If possible, try avoiding short layovers, so that you’re not in a time crunch running around the airport for a flight that you’ll more than likely miss. Long layovers can be relaxing, not a hassle. However, if you do decide to take a short layover, this is a list of what airports to avoid for short layovers due to their lost luggage and constant delays.

5. Transforming Women’s Lives Joi Gordon understood how good it felt when she wore her suits as an assistant district attorney. When she heard about Dress for Success, a nonprofit that provides professional wear and career development tools to help women be successful, she decided she was going to donate some of her clothes. She went from a donor to a board member to CEO and began a re-brand for Dress for Success.

6. The Art of Investing in Art It is believed that art was one of the first forms of communication predating both writing and structured speech. Art has a way of triggering and provoking our mind, so why not bring pieces of art into our lives daily without having to visit an art museum. Purchasing artwork can also be an excellent investment in your portfolio.

7. Lure of Finding Fashion Michelle Madhok is the founder of an online fashion blog called As an entrepreneur and dedicated fashionista, she dedicates her skill to her blog and helping others with tips in finding fashion wherever and also being able to save. Although online shopping is something everyone is supposedly savvy at nowadays, Madhok’s blog is still going strong as many people trust her. We were able to interview Michelle as she talks about how she started and her success thus far.

8. Safe and Savvy Women have a different take on what it is to feel safe and secure. Rather than making a fuss about a place that feels uneasy, there are ways for you and your travel colleagues to choose a safe hotel from the start. Here is a list of ten tips to have in mind when choosing a hotel.

9. Spring Suits One of our shops dedicated to finding you the perfect tailored suit for Spring whether it’s from Ann Taylor or Calvin Klein.

10. PBS Dreams PBS Chief Programming Executive, Beth Hoppe talks about PBS’ long-standing mission to promoting equality and female empowerment. PBS’ CEO and Beth Hoppe are working together to keep PBS progressively evolving, and we were able to interview Hoppe to learn more about her involvement in this long-standing mission.

11. Cities for Female Entrepreneurs More women than men are beginning to earn their college degrees, and although the amount of women in executive roles is not keeping pace with this increase, there is a 59% growth in women who are becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses. SharpHeels examined which cities were made great for women besides just the business environment, and we came up with a top ten list.

12. Where Did Your Money Go? We as woman find it difficult to keep track of our money. We work hard and balancing our checkbooks is one of the last things we want to do. Where convenience takes control, we end up sometimes over-spending, and we constantly wonder where our money even goes to. We made a list of seven common mistakes we make with our money and where it may be going.

Contributed by: Ashley Poulin Editor-in-Chief

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