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Women and Success: How to achieve it for YOU!

The definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” While those words sound simple and straightforward, it is not always easy to define. Knowing our purpose and what we want to accomplish takes some serious thought and soul searching, and for most of us, quiet time to contemplate and process our thoughts and ideas are at a bare minimum.

To jump start this process, having a dynamic career coach that can take us through a series of thought provoking questions, and help guide us to some answers that we may not have even know existed within ourselves, can be a very powerful and life changing tool. Human beings by nature crave personal growth, and the investment that we make in ourselves has far reaching effects on our families and communities. When we successfully identify and articulate what we want to achieve, we can then attract the right people in our lives to help us accomplish our goals, and thus make a far greater impact. “Pay it forward” has significant meaning for women. If we continuously leverage our self-awareness, strengths and key learnings to help lift one another up, the potential for women is endless.

Change is not easy, but it is absolutely possible and it starts with the power of one. Change involves creating new habits and creating new habits involves repetition and practice. We all act as mirrors to each other so the more we can model what we want to be and see, the more those changes will manifest it in our work environments, homes and communities.

As a career coach, here are the first two questions I like to get my clients thinking about:

* When you envision personal success for your life, what does it look like? (Family, marriage / significant other, career, community, etc.)

* How will you know if you achieved it? What measures will you use?

By starting with these two questions, it gets the ball rolling for creating a personal vision. The next steps are where the true “roll up your sleeves” work happens. It’s about discovering the paths to achieve the vision and how to put action plans in place that can deliver noticeable results. It’s challenging work but it is invigorating!

We all have different priorities when it comes to spending our money, and often times investing in ourselves is at the bottom of that list. We need to be willing to challenge ourselves and ask why not make ourselves a higher priority on that list? We touch so many people’s lives and don’t we want that mark we leave to be the best version of ourselves? It’s worth considering!

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