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Purchases made through the RISE Store fund valuable programming and events supporting IWL's mission of accelerating the advancement of women.


IWL proudly partners with women-owned businesses and female artists for all items included in the store. Shop, support IWL, and show why you're "sold" on removing the systemic barriers that prevent women across the world from achieving their full potential. 

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30% of all proceeds go to IWL

Shop the RISE Collection from Calypso Bead Bar.

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30% of all proceeds go to IWL

Custom-made bracelets designed especially for IWL.

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30% of all proceeds go to IWL

IWL proudly supports woman-owned businesses like Calypso Bead Bar. 

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30% of all proceeds go to IWL

Wear the encouragement to RISE all year long!

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30% of all proceeds go to IWL

Support women across the world and look great doing it!

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The pandemic hit and a business was born. Calypso Bead Bar is a woman-owned company started by wife and mother Megan Goodman. Calypso offers hand-made, trendsetting, color-packed bracelets full of FUN!



30% of all proceeds go to IWL

Limited edition print on giclee paper of artwork commissioned specially for IWL


Life is full of ups and downs, but still we RISE! 

Beth Clary Schwier is an award-winning Indiana artist, has been featured on the HGTV hit show Good Bones, and is owner of Beth Clary Schwier Fine Arts, a gallery located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

International Best-Selling Author Stamp.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2021 | 11 am - Noon EDT

Navigating Our Crucible Moments: Staying True to Our Values, Our Purpose & Ourselves

Tracy J. Edmonds

Best-Selling Author

Wild Hair: A Courageous Woman's Guide to a Bold and Authentic Career

In her new book Wild Hair, Tracy notes, “It’s impossible to balance work and life, because for most of us, work is a part of life, not something separate that we can adjust on the fly to make the scales even out.” 

In this session, she’ll share why it's not about work. It’s about you, your values, and alignment between the two.

Tracy provides powerful lessons for:

  • Embracing life's tests

  • Living with authentic alignment

  • Building the needed support to grow from crucible moments


Tracy knows how to bring out the best in people. Learn how to navigate life's crucible moments and find a better sense of self and well-being along the way.

Join us on April 13th for the newest installment of our RISE & Renew well-being series! 

A complimentary event for the IWL Community.