Working Women’s Research Network
IUPUI Department of Psychology & IWL Foundation


Working Women's Research Network

IUPUI Department of Psychology & IWL Foundation

What is W2RN?

Integrating Woman Leaders Foundation and the Psychology Department at IUPUI teamed up to create the Working Women’s Research Network (W²RN). The purpose is to learn more about the working lives of women and men in our community and provide solid, research-based insights to employers and individuals and give specific, data-supported advice to participants on career management. This is a regionally-focused university-based (IUPUI) research initiative to engage with working women and men who will serve as a network for scientifically driven research studies. The results of these studies will be specific to our local market, which we believe will provide tremendous value to participants and organizations.

At times, we will ask our network to participate in the survey. As a participant, you will be surveyed on various career management and quality of work-life topics. It will focus on gender, diversity, and flexible work arrangement initiatives offered by their employer and the perception of their organization’s culture on diversity and work/life balance. Finally, the survey assesses respondents’ career advancement and factors that may facilitate or derail their career progress. We are looking forward to the valuable information from these surveys that will help members and their employers make their organizations the best places to work.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Workplace climate for inclusion and diversity

  • Flexible work arrangements

  • Women in leadership

  • Work and family culture

  • Job satisfaction

  • Turnover and burnout

  • Career resilience

  • Employee engagement

  • Perceptions of gender

  • Mentoring

Topics of Research

How can I get involved?

To sign up as a member of the W²RN click here and opt in to the survey. This first baseline survey gathered a lot of information, so it was longer than future surveys, but was packed with questions about the respondents (e.g., nature of their employment, if any, their personal demographics, family characteristics, attitudes toward their jobs and about themselves).

As a participant, you will be asked to volunteer to complete periodic online surveys (or online studies) on various topics listed above. In return you will receive W²RN research briefs that summarize the findings from our research studies. The research briefs will focus on the experiences of women and men of Indiana, Kentucky, and nearby workplaces and will include tangible suggestions for implementing best practices informed by our research.

Why should I participate?

Do you ever wonder if others experience the same challenges as you? Are you looking for an exchange of information about how organizations value, successfully support and advance their female talent?  As a leader, are you in need of localized data about women in leadership in order to effectively foster change in your team? We are seeking to answer all of these questions.

This is a unique opportunity for you to be involved in something big, something that we believe will be a catalyst for change in our communities. Best of all, with a small time commitment of 1 survey per year (30-60 minutes), you will have access to this unique data as we will share the results of our research with all the members involved. You will receive actionable results and resources to take back to your teams to develop your leadership practices and organizational culture.

Goals and Future Vision

We hope to develop deep networks and establish benchmarks for best practices to provide metrics by which local businesses may measure their progress.

The W²RN Team

Department of Psychology
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Peggy Stockdale
Professor and Chair

Introducing a New Doctoral Program in Applied Social and Organizational Psychology, featuring a Diversity Science concentration.

Our Mission: Integrating Woman Leaders accelerates the advancement of women  to drive individual and organizational growth and impact.

Our Vision: IWL Foundation envisions a community that inspires and empowers authentic, diverse, and inclusive leadership in high-performing organizations and the personal development of women.